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Osi is a 'bonus' addition to players' antitrust suit

Not long after he signed what was then a landmark contract in 2005, Osi Umenyiora started regretting it. NFL revenues were skyrocketing around him and the salaries of his peers quickly passed him by.
He’s complained about it publicly and asked for more money privately, yet his situation has never changed. So when NFL Players Association asked him a few weeks ago to join their legal battle against the owners, “He jumped at the chance,” said a source close to the Giants’ defensive end.
Now the 29-year-old Umenyiora has landed in the middle of the NFL’s labor fight as one of the 10 lead plantiffs on Brady v. NFL – the first anti-trust lawsuit filed on behalf of the now decertified players’ union. Like Reggie White and Freeman McNeil in the early ‘90s, Umenyiora joins Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, Saints quarterback Drew Brees, five other NFL players and one college player as the faces of the court fight against the league.

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